Salmon Fishing Near Bend, Oregon

Salmon Fishing Near Bend, Oregon

Bend, Oregon, located in the heart of the state, is a strategic point for anglers seeking the thrill of salmon fishing in the Pacific Northwest's rivers and lakes. Although primarily renowned for trout and steelhead, the region provides access to excellent salmon fishing opportunities, particularly in areas within a reasonable distance from Bend. This guide delves into the techniques, seasonal variations, and prime locations for salmon fishing near Bend, offering a detailed analysis for the professional angler.

Salmon Species and Seasonal Runs

In the waters accessible from Bend, anglers primarily target two salmon species:

  • Chinook Salmon (King Salmon): The largest Pacific salmon species, with runs occurring in spring and fall. These powerful fish are sought after for their size and the challenge they present.
  • Coho Salmon (Silver Salmon): Known for their acrobatic fighting style, Coho runs typically occur in late summer through fall, providing exciting fishing opportunities.

Popular Salmon Fishing Spots Near Bend

While Bend is inland and the major salmon fisheries require some travel, several locations within reach offer productive salmon fishing:

  • The Lower Deschutes River: Accessible by a drive north from Bend, the lower stretches near its confluence with the Columbia River provide opportunities for spring and fall Chinook fishing.
  • The Columbia River: A major destination for salmon fishing, with numerous access points within a few hours’ drive from Bend. This river hosts significant runs of both Chinook and Coho salmon.
  • The Santiam River System: Both the North and South Santiam rivers, tributaries of the Willamette, can be reached with a drive west from Bend and offer spring and fall Chinook fishing, as well as summer and fall Coho runs.

Fishing Techniques for Salmon

  • Trolling: A popular method in larger water bodies like the Columbia River, trolling with bait (such as herring or anchovies) or artificial lures can effectively target salmon, especially in deeper channels where they migrate.
  • Fly Fishing: While more common for trout and steelhead, fly fishing for salmon can be successful in rivers like the Deschutes, using larger, brighter flies that attract aggressive salmon.
  • Drift Fishing: In rivers, drifting bait like eggs, sand shrimp, or artificial imitations along the bottom can entice salmon, mimicking their natural food sources.
  • Plunking: Suitable for larger rivers with strong currents, plunking involves casting baited rigs into the river and waiting for salmon to bite, a technique often used during high-water conditions.

Seasonal Fishing Dynamics

  • Spring: Target the spring Chinook run in rivers like the lower Deschutes or Columbia tributaries. This is the time when Chinook start their migration upriver.
  • Summer: Early summer can still produce spring Chinook, while late summer sees the beginning of the Coho run in the Columbia and its tributaries.
  • Fall: Peak season for both Chinook and Coho, with cooler water temperatures stimulating increased feeding and migration activity.
  • Winter: Generally off-season for salmon in the Bend area, but winter steelhead fishing can be an alternative for anglers seeking river action.

Conservation and Sustainability

Responsible fishing practices are essential to maintaining healthy salmon populations for future generations. Adherence to catch limits, size restrictions, and season dates is crucial, as is the practice of catch-and-release, especially for endangered or threatened salmon species.


Salmon fishing near Bend, Oregon, provides a challenging and rewarding experience for anglers, set against the spectacular backdrop of the Pacific Northwest's landscapes. By understanding the behaviors of salmon, employing effective fishing techniques, and respecting the ecological balance, fishermen can enjoy the bounty of the region's salmon fisheries while contributing to their conservation and sustainability.


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