Fishing Near Bellevue, Washington

Fishing Near Bellevue, Washington

Fishing near Bellevue, Washington, offers a diverse range of experiences throughout the seasons, catering to anglers of all skill levels and preferences. From tranquil lakes to rushing rivers, the region's waters teem with various species, making it a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the techniques, seasons, and popular fishing spots around Bellevue, providing a professional-level overview to enhance your angling adventures.


1. Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is a beloved technique in Bellevue, particularly during the warmer months. Anglers often target trout species such as rainbow trout and cutthroat trout in the region's rivers and streams. Using lightweight fly rods, reels, and artificial flies that mimic insects or baitfish, fly anglers can enjoy a challenging yet rewarding experience in the picturesque waters of Bellevue.

2. Spin Casting

Spin casting is another popular method, especially for beginners and families. It involves using spinning rods and reels with a variety of lures or baits, such as spinners, spoons, or soft plastics. This versatile technique allows anglers to target a wide range of fish species, including bass, panfish, and trout, in both lakes and rivers around Bellevue.

3. Trolling

For those seeking larger game fish like salmon or lake trout, trolling is an effective technique. Anglers troll by slowly moving their boats while dragging lures or baited hooks behind them. This method is commonly employed in Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish, where salmon runs attract anglers during specific seasons.

4. Bottom Fishing

Bottom fishing appeals to anglers targeting species like catfish, walleye, and perch. Using bait rigs or bottom rigs with live or cut bait, anglers can fish from shore or boats near structures like docks, piers, or underwater features. Bottom fishing can be productive year-round, offering opportunities for anglers of all levels.


1. Spring

Spring heralds the beginning of prime fishing season in Bellevue. As temperatures rise, trout fishing in rivers and streams becomes excellent, with fish becoming more active after the winter months. Bass fishing also picks up in lakes and ponds, drawing anglers eager for the thrill of landing largemouth or smallmouth bass.

2. Summer

Summer is a vibrant time for fishing near Bellevue. Trout fishing remains strong, especially in higher elevation lakes and streams. Warmwater species like bass, perch, and panfish are abundant and actively feeding in lakes such as Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish. Trolling for salmon becomes popular as these fish migrate through the area's waters.

3. Fall

Fall brings cooler temperatures and changing fish behavior. Salmon fishing reaches its peak as various salmon species, including Chinook, coho, and sockeye, return to spawn in local rivers like the Snoqualmie River and the Cedar River. Steelhead fishing also becomes more prominent, attracting dedicated anglers seeking these prized game fish.

4. Winter

Winter fishing in Bellevue offers unique opportunities despite the colder weather. Lakes like Pine Lake and Beaver Lake provide ice fishing experiences for anglers targeting trout, perch, and crappie. Steelhead fishing continues in select rivers, providing a challenge for those willing to brave the elements.

Popular Fishing Spots

1. Lake Washington

Lake Washington is a renowned fishing destination near Bellevue, offering a diverse range of species. Anglers target bass, trout, salmon, and panfish throughout the year. Key areas for fishing include the shallower bays, docks, and weed beds where fish congregate.

2. Lake Sammamish

Adjacent to Bellevue, Lake Sammamish is another hotspot for fishing enthusiasts. It boasts healthy populations of bass, perch, trout, and kokanee salmon. Anglers often troll along the lake's edges or near drop-offs to target these species successfully.

3. Snoqualmie River

The Snoqualmie River provides excellent opportunities for trout and salmon fishing, particularly during the spring and fall runs. Fly fishing and drift fishing are popular techniques along this scenic river, known for its clear waters and scenic surroundings.

4. Cedar River

The Cedar River is famous for its steelhead runs, attracting anglers from far and wide during the winter months. Bank fishing and drift fishing are common methods used to target these prized fish. The river's accessible locations make it a favorite among local anglers.

5. Pine Lake and Beaver Lake

These smaller lakes near Bellevue offer ice fishing during the winter months. Anglers can set up near weed beds or drop-offs to catch trout, perch, and other coldwater species. Ice fishing requires caution and proper gear but can be highly rewarding.

6. Mercer Slough

For anglers looking for a more tranquil fishing experience, Mercer Slough in Bellevue provides opportunities to catch bass, trout, and panfish. Kayak fishing is popular here, allowing anglers to access secluded spots and enjoy the serenity of nature.


Fishing near Bellevue, Washington, caters to a wide range of preferences, from fly fishing in scenic rivers to trolling for salmon in expansive lakes. Understanding the techniques, seasons, and popular fishing spots enhances the angling experience and increases the likelihood of a successful catch. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a novice looking to explore the region's waters, Bellevue offers abundant opportunities for memorable fishing adventures throughout the year.

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